Late Review: Hulk #1

Review by XBen3000

This will be a spoiler-free review.

Hulk #1
Writer: Mariko Tamaki
Artist: Nico Leon
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Designer: Manny Mederos
Cover Artist: Jeff Dekal
Assistant Editor: Christina Harrington
Editors: Mark Paniccia with Katie Kubert

Going into this book, I was not sure what to expect. I was not familiar with Mariko Tamaki’s writing nor Nico Leon’s artwork. That said they blew me away with this first issue. The series takes place after Civil War II and I was not confused. The way Mariko writes Jennifer Walters is fantastic. I clearly get a sense that something is wrong with her, but you cannot place your finger on it. We get a hint towards the end what is going on, and seeing the way Jennifer reacts was good. I almost want to say it feels a bit slice of life when it comes to the emotion being displayed.

This might be my first experience where Jennifer is not green all the time. Which is a great change of pace when it comes to She-Hulk as a character. I am so use to her being so outgoing and confident. It is a nice switch from what I’m usually expecting when it comes to She-Hulk.

With Nico Leon’s artwork is phenomenal. The color palette chosen for this issue really works. It gives you a sense of everything being a bit more grounded. If you are to compare the palette to other superhero comics. In terms of the plot, Jennifer is getting back on her feet after what has happened to her recently. So I am down to pick this up for a few more issues to see where things go.

VC’s Cory Petit’s lettering does a fantastic job blending into each page where needed. Manny Mederos design work is great. The panels frame everything just as the story needed them. If we needed a splash page it was there. If we needed a zoom in, it is there. While reading this comic, pacing wise I was into it. So props to Manny Mederos along with Nico Leon. Those two working together with Mariko Tamaki’s script. I don’t see this book failing anytime soon.

Final thoughts, Hulk was a pleasant surprise. I highly recommend seeking out this first issue and if I’m not mistaken. The second issue of this series is out today. I feel this run on Jennifer Walters will be one we remember for the history books.

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