Latest Corocoro Magazine Reveals New Pokémon Sun & Moon Pokémon

Scans from the latest Corocoro magazine have surfaced on the net, which features two new Pokémon that will be in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

The two new Pokémon are:

Type: Normal / Fighting 

Ability: Fluffy and Klutz
Description : People who livei n the Alola region are well aware of Kiteruguma’s strength so they are afraid of them. 

Type : Ghost / Fairy

Ability : False Colours
Description : A Pokémon who dislikes the sun and prefers to live in dark areas.  It is rumored that that it uses the sheet that covers it as a way to protect itself from sunlight.  Those who try to remove it state that it causes illness.  *The costume is based on an old piece of Pikachu merchadise that was a popular item 20 yeas ago.  Mimicu wants to be as popular as Pikachu. 

Source: Serebii



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