Loki Official Trailer

We have the official trailer for the upcoming Loki series coming to Disney +. In this trailer we get to learn more about what the series will be tackling in terms of plot. I have to say I’m interested in seeing where this series will go with Loki. Given that this is Loki from 2012 and not the Loki that willingly sacrificed himself for Thor. Will we see Loki growing into the person audiences know he can be or will he fall back to wanting to take over the world once more. I mean after learning you die, it has to change how a person views the world? Anyway, enough of me rambling check out the trailer down below.


Overall, it seems like Marvel has another hit on their hands. It’s interesting knowing that Loki was greenlit for a season two so they must have enough confidence that this show will pull in some numbers. As always, comment with your thoughts and theories down below and I will catch you later. Loki is set to come to the small screen June 11, 2021.

Source: YouTube

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