Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu Ep 38 – How to Score: The Music of Tokusatsu

Welcome to an all-new episode of “Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu!” We kick things off with Wheelchair21 calling this episode, Episode 39 when we are only on 38. However, Wheelz and Projekt jump right into the news! We have another Super Sentai release from Shout! Factory, which is GoGo V. In addition, we have the premiere for Super Ninja Steel, and more info on the comic series, Shattered Grid. That is all capped off with the Lupin vs Patranger cast. They are then joined by Soundout12 to talk about tokusatsu scores. However, the guys tend to jump around the various eras and series, due to several composers having a wide filmography!

Next week it is up in the air, as it maybe delayed due to Soundout having internet problems. However, if delayed we would like to inform our audience it will be a discussion on Power Rangers Operation Overdrive!

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