Marvel Generations Teaser Trailer

What’s going on Club members? XBen3000 here with some Marvel comic news. Today, Marvel’s YouTube channel released a teaser for the upcoming Generations series. This is a 10-issue series that’s bringing together such characters as Laura Kinney and Logan. Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, and other past and present characters.

This will eventually led to Marvel Legacy which is a relaunch for multiple comic book franchises. Essentially Marvel is planning on returning all books to their original numbering. I’ve kept quite about my feels on Marvel Legacy but I’ll say them now.  I feel this is a dumb decision to go back to the original numbering. My problem with Marvel is that they never let a book have enough issues before they decide to end it before it could really get its feet off the ground. Reading up on Marvel Legacy books, creative team, and overall message. It just doesn’t seem like its for me, so I might be using this as my way to exit Marvel. The same way I used Marvel Now! to enter the Marvel comics universe.

Anyway, comment with your thoughts down below. I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

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