Masters of the Universe Origins Toyline Revealed

io9.Gizmodo has recently revealed a first look at the new line of vintage styled Masters of the Universe toyline. For those who are not aware, Masters of the Universe was a toyline released by Mattel in 1981 that was accompanied by a series of mini comics. An animated series based on the brand was created by Filmation in 1983 simply titled, “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.” The series received several follow up animated productions as well as a live-action film. Mattel later created newly super articulated 6-7 inch scale figures based on the franchise in 2008 that continued until 2016 where the toyline was moved to Super7. Super7 also released a similar line of “retro styled” action figures.

The new toyline called Masters of the Universe Origins will be loosely based on the toyline released in the 90s, however will feature more articulation. Each figure will include a variety of accessories and a new series of mini-comic books. The figures will be released on a vintage styled card. While the toyline will first be fully unveiled at San Diego Comic Con 2019, the figures will not hit retail until Fall 2020.

Source: io9.Gizmodo

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