Mattel DC Multiverse SDCC 2018 Reveals [Updated]

[UPDATE 7/21/2018] Thanks to a new video by Dan Eardley aka Pixel Dan, who also moderated the DC Multiverse panel, we now have some clearer information for the upcoming waves of figures from Mattel. 

Starting with the Aquaman movie wave, the Collect and Connect wave actually contains four figures instead of five. The four figures are:

  • Aquaman
  • Black Manta
  • Mera
  • Orm/Ocean Master

The Vulko figure shown in the case is in fact an Amazon exclusive and the two figures shown at the panel are Aquaman (Combat Armor) and Orm (Combat Armor) which will be released as a two-pack exclusive to Target. 

For the DC Multiverse Signature Series, the three figures revealed will be shipping in the same wave together accompanied by reissues of Batman (Val Kilmer) and The Flash (John Wesley Shipp).

Lastly, we have greater clarity as to the wave breakdowns for the main Collect and Connect waves of the line. It seems that Mattel has chosen to move from five figures per wave to four figures per wave but increase to six for a later wave. The new wave breakdowns are as follows:

Wave 10: Lex Luthor Collect and Connnect

  • The Ray (Rebirth)
  • Vixen (Rebirth)
  • Wonder Woman (Rebirth)
  • Batman (Gotham By Gaslight)

Wave 11: Lobo Collect and Connect

  • Batman Beyond (Rebirth)
  • Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (Rebirth)
  • Superman (Kingdom Come)
  • Kid Flash (Wally West II Rebirth)

Wave 12: Demon King Joker Collect and Connect

  • Nightwing  (Rebirth)
  • Starfire (Rebirth)
  • The Flash (Wally West I Rebirth)
  • Green Lantern John Stewart
  • Black Canary (Rebirth)
  • Ninja Batman (Batman Ninja)

The rest of the figures are slated for a 2019 release and more information as to what waves they will be in, specifically what figures are needed to build Mammoth, will be revealed at a later time. Stay tuned to Hero Club for more updates.

Original Article Is As Follows:

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is in full swing and Mattel definitely did not sit this convention out. The DC Multiverse line hasn’t exactly lived up to fan’s expectations from the highly successful DC Universe Classics line that ended in 2013. Previous waves of DC Multiverse have featured a mix of comic, movie and tv based figures. All eyes are on DC at this year’s SDCC as Marvel Studios isn’t appearing this weekend so let’s take a look at all the reveals Mattel had for fans in the last couple days of the convention.


Aquaman Movie DC Multiverse Figures

The majority of Mattel’s booth at SDCC is focused on Aquaman which is expected considering Warner Bros is screening the trailer this Saturday. On display is a full range of toys from Mattel but we will be focusing on the Multiverse figures aimed at collectors.

The main wave of Aquaman DC Multiverse figures will feature 5 figures and a Collect and Connect figure. These were first revealed at the Mattel booth. The figures are:

  • Aquaman
  • Black Manta
  • Mera
  • Orm/Ocean Master
  • Vulko
  • Trench Creature (Collect and Connect)

At the DC Multiverse Panel Mattel revealed two additional characters will be receiving figures but it is currently unknown if they will be in a second wave or as store exclusives. Those figures appear to be King Nereus and Murk.


DC Multiverse Signature Series Figures

The DC Multiverse Signature Series launched this year and focuses on characters from classic DC Movies and TV Shows. These figures have a higher price point ($24.99 instead of $19.99) and feature more accessories, higher articulation and stands that contain multiple attachments. The first two releases in the line, The Flash (John Wesley Shipp) and Batman (Val Kilmer) were also on display.

The three new figures revealed are:

  • Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) from Wonder Woman (1977)
  • The Penguin (Danny Devito) from Batman Returns (1992)
  • The Joker (Heath Ledger) from The Dark Knight (2008)


DC Multiverse Pop Culture Figures

The main focus for Mattel DC Collectors seems to be the comic based figures. These figures are referred to by Mattel as “Pop Culture Figures” in their panel as some non-comic based figures are in these waves. While not entirely clear from the panels and booth which figures are in what wave, Mattel did state that Green Lantern Simon Baz has been delayed from the Lex Luthor Collect and Connect Wave and will not release until 2019. Also, the previously shown Beast Boy and Kid Flash that were slated to be ToysRUs Exclusives at New York Toy Fair 2018 will in fact be releasing as regular figures in later waves of the line now that ToysRUs has closed.


Store Exclusives 2018

The store exclusives for 2018 were shown previously at New York Toy Fair but now is the first look at final production samples of these figures as they approach release. The figures are:

  • Spoiler (Rebirth) with Lex Luthor Alternate Head [Wal-Mart Exclusive]
  • Harley Quinn (Rebirth) with Mother Box [Wal-Mart Exclusive]
  • Bizarro (Bronze Age) with Clark Kent Disguise [Walgreens Exclusive]


Collect and Connect Waves for 2018 and 2019

The rest of the figures shown at the panel and later the booth are the standard Collect and Connect DC Multiverse waves. These figures are the bulk of the line and due to confusion of assortments due to lack of specific information at the panel, we are going to list all the figures shown with a gallery attached.

The main DC Multiverse figures of 2018 and 2019 as shown today are:

  • The Ray (Rebirth) [Previously slated for Lex Luthor Wave]
  • Vixen (Rebirth) [Previously slated for Lex Luthor Wave]
  • Wonder Woman (Rebirth) [Previously slated for Lex Luthor Wave]
  • Batman (Gotham by Gaslight) [Previously slated for Lex Luthor Wave]
  • Lex Luthor (Rebirth) [Collect and Connect Figure for Wave 10]
  • Batman Beyond (Rebirth) [Set to include wings; not displayed]
  • Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (Bronze Age/Rebirth)
  • Superman (Kingdom Come)
  • Kid Flash (Wally West II) [Previously ToysRUs Exclusive]
  • Lobo (Rebirth) [Collect and Connect for Wave 11]
  • Nightwing (Rebirth)
  • Starfire (Rebirth)
  • The Flash (Wally West I Rebirth)
  • Green Lantern John Stewart (Rebirth)
  • Black Canary (Rebirth)
  • Ninja Batman (Batman Ninja)
  • Demon King Joker (Batman Ninja) [Collect and Connect for Wave 13]
  • Hawkgirl (New Justice)
  • Katana (Rebirth)
  • Beast Boy (Rebirth) [Previously ToysRUs Exclusive]
  • Mammoth (Rebirth) [Collect and Connect for 2019]
  • Aquaman (Flashpoint)
  • Green Lantern Simon Baz (Rebirth) [Not Displayed; Now Delayed to 2019]
  • Black Lightning (CW Series) [Grey Prototype Shown Only At Panel]
  • Red Robin (Rebirth) [Grey Prototype Shown Only At Panel]
  • Red Hood (Rebirth) [Grey Prototype Shown Only At Panel]


Let us know what you think of these reveals and the line as a whole in the comments or on social media!


Personally speaking, I am incredibly excited for these reveals. Mattel has staggered lately with their 6 Inch DC figures and I am really happy to see that the drought we’ve been in for a couple years now seems to be coming to an end. I can tell that Mattel is really wanting to step up their game significantly. 


Source: ToyArk Part 1 Part 2 (Pictures From Booth), ToyNewsI (Pictures of Slides), Pixel Dan (Video Walkthrough)

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