Mazinger Z Interval Peace & Alter Ignition Manga

Over the weekend, two spin-off manga series were released based on Go Nagai’s Mazinger Z. The first spin-off, Mazinger Z Interval Peace, is apart of Kodansha’s Monthly Young Magazine. Takahiro Ozawa is the author with Kaoru Osada serving as the illustrator. The manga is a spin-off of the new anime film, and takes place in a world where the existence of super robots is questioned. Meanwhile, Kōji and the rest of team wonder if the momentary peace become true peace for the world.

Then for the second spin-off that released, Mazinger Z Alter Ignition; it is written by Yū Kinutani (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) and released via Dynamic Planning’s website. Mazinger Z Alter Ignition re-imagines the original manga, and Kōji first encounter with Mazinger Z.


The release of these spin-offs are a part of the 45th anniversary celebration. The new film, Mazinger Z the Movie, is still in production. However, Nagai will reveal footage of the film at Annecy International Film Festival in France next month.

Source: ANN


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