Mezco Announces 5 Points XL Godzilla Boxsets

Mezco recently updated their official website with pre-order pages for two brand new sets based on Godzilla. The sets feature a variety of four different kaiju, with each figure featuring 5 points of articulation. The sets will include a variety of different accessories and effect parts. The first two sets are currently up for pre-order, and each is priced at $85. Both sets are expected to be released sometime between November 2021 – Jan 2022.


The sets include:

Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters (1968) – Round 1 Boxed Set

  • Godzilla
  • Mothra
  • Anguirus
  • Rodan

The accessory count includes:

  • Godzilla arms X2
  • Godzilla heads X2
  • Godzilla Atomic Breath FX
  • Mothra web FX
  • Anguirus heads X2
  • Rodan heads X2
  • Display bases X2

Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters (1968) – Round 2 Boxed Set

  • King Ghidorah
  • Minilla
  • Gorosaurus
  • Baragon

The accessory count includes:

  • Baragon heads X2
  • Baragon legs X1
  • King Ghidorah Gravity Beam FX X3
  • Minilla heads X2
  • Minilla arms X2
  • Minilla atomic smoke ring FX
  • Display bases X 4

Those who are interested can pre-order their set(s) on Mezco’s official website or via their preferred online retailer.

Source: Mezco (Set 1), Mezco (Set 2)


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