[Comic Review] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #106

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 106 cover.Hello there, Heroes, as we stated on Monday, Hero-Club would have another review for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #106. Additionally, as promised this review would be a more in-depth look at the issue which was released on Wednesday. So, I, ZeltraxMillennium, am going to tackle this book again for the site, and provide an alternative look at it. Also, I would like to thank Boom! Studios again for providing us with this copy.


Now, before jumping right into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #106, I should maybe bring possible new readers up to speed. So, for those unaware, Rita Repulsa is currently referred to as Mistress Vile, after succeeding her father, Master Vile. Whereas, as Mistress Vile, she is a herald of Dark Specter, trying to usher him into our heroes’ universe. Also, Alpha-1 from Go, Go Power Rangers title has returned as Mistress Vile’s new assistant and general. Additionally, there is another member among her forces called The Vessel, but their identity remains unknown. Furthermore, the Omega Rangers roster underwent some changes, and Matt Cook the new Green Ranger was captured by Mistress Vile. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd and company have seemingly been imprisoned by Promethea forces. Anyway, with the introduction done, may the power protect us all, as we see what is happening in Issue 106!


Comic Credits

  • Artist: Simona Di Gianfelice
  • Colorist: Raúl Angulo
  • Lettering: Ed Dukeshire
  • Writers: Melissa Flores
  • Creative Director: Kyle Higgins
  • Production Artist: Wesely Griffith
  • Designer: Madison Goyette
  • Editor: Allyson Gronowitz
  • Cover Artist: Taurin Clarke (Cover A), GB Borea (B), Bon Bernardo (C), GB Borea (D), Taurin Clarke (E)
  • Hasbro Special Thanks to Irvin Ducournau, Tayla Reo, Michael Kelly, and Ed Lane.


“You have outgrown him, Rita Repulsa, but our future together has only just begun…” – Lord Zedd.



Our issue begins in the past amidst a battle between Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, before Rita joined Zedd. Their fight is only for a few pages, but readers can definitely tell that Lord Zedd is the experienced fighter. Especially, when Zedd brings Rita to her knees, and offers her a position within his own forces. As mentioned, their fight is brief, but Simona Di Gianfelice’s depiction of it is incredible, and Angulo’s colors are exquisite. Also, I would even like to agree with Ben’s thoughts regarding Melissa Flores’ dialogue for the pair in this scene. Like I could see Barbara Goodson saying these lines in show, even after seeing the Once & Always trailer.

Then return to our story, the issue transitions to the present day, while jumping between Safehaven and the Command Center. Starting at the Omega Rangers’ base Safehaven, Xi explains to our heroes how to traverse the Morphin Grid. Surprisingly, for non-Morphing Masters traveling the Morphin Grid, individuals require the use of a Master Arch and Grid Navigator. Coincidentally, the Master Arch is the portal to enter the Grid, and the Navigator serves as the compass. However, things intensify when Grace Sterling, the 1969 Red Ranger, mentions a Master Arch may still exist on Earth. As a result, Zordon orders the Mighty Morphin team members at Safehaven to return home to defend it.


Now, this is where the issue begins to get really interesting, as Kimberly and Tommy disobey Zordon’s orders. So, rather than have the off-world Rangers return to Earth, they decide to stay to help the Omega Rangers. Surprisingly, this does not shock me too much, but I am enjoying how recent issues go into the characters’ dynamics. For example, the Rangers are currently questioning Zordon’s command and orders more regularly. In addition, they are defying Zordon like when Kim used her Zord before a monster grew in an earlier issue. Although, with the arguments and debates occurring it does seem like the team is sort of falling apart. Specifically, there is a rift forming mostly between the Rangers and Zordon, but thankfully not between one another.


So, with the Rangers gone, Grace and Zordon continue their discussion regarding the dangers to come. Currently, it is interesting to see Grace become Zordon’s equal, and being able to call him for his decision. Like Grace believes that Zordon has done things wrong, but she is still amenable towards him depending on the situation. For example, when Zordon allowed Matt to fully work with the team during the Death Ranger debacle. Whereas, back at Safehaven, Alpha-1 begins his assault on the location forcing an all-out Omegazord battle. Although, the Thunderzords are eventually called in to assist them to help hack Alpha-1’s system for info on Rita’s plans.

The issue transitions to Promethea, Grace’s base of operations and organization, which will eventually become Terra Ventura in Lost Galaxy. At the base, Lord Zedd has been imprisoned, and Grace goes to confront him to obtain whatever information she can. During their meeting, Grace barely flinches in Zedd’s presence, as he swears he is done with Rita Repulsa. Additionally, Lord Zedd threatens that Grace will be his next victim in a haunting fashion, which I really enjoyed. Yet, that really extends into how Melissa Flores is able to understand these characters’ nuances and motivations with her writing. However, this is not the last time that Promethea and Lord Zedd will appear within this particular issue.


Anyway, moving along, Tommy goes to visit Jason, who has been entirely severed from the Morphin Grid, for some advice. Their interaction is palpable, as Jason reassures Tommy that being a Ranger, nay a leader, means making the tough calls. Although, with those tough calls, the person making them will have to live with the consequences unfortunately. Whereas, this interaction ends with the two embracing with hug, and talking about missing one another. Now, many assume that this was Melissa honoring the late Jason David Frank, and I really respect this hidden message. Furthermore, I think this scene existed in the actual show, Austin St. John and JDF would have killed it. Albeit, if the interaction was filmed exactly during Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or Zeo way before their falling out.

Finally, the issue returns to Promethea where Grace and Terona, the 1969 Yellow Ranger, discuss activating their Master Arch. However, the pair begin to have their own fears about what could happen, and I do not blame them. Unfortunately, for them they are interrupted, as Lord Zedd frees himself by simply powering through the cell’s containment field. Also, Zedd mentions to the security guard that he kills how the Zeo Crystal hurt way worse. Whereas, when Grace and Terona arrive to Zedd’s location they discover that he is in possession of a Power Morpher. Then things escalate further, as Lord Zedd jokes with them before morphing into a Ranger to close out the issue!


So, this ending really took myself, the Hero-Club staff, and other Power Rangers fans by surprise. Specifically, Zedd seemingly morphs using the device back empathizing on the Zyuranger ‘Z’ to most likely signify himself. Also, everyone is wondering when did Zedd make or acquire the Morpher, and get it into Promethea? In addition, how did Lord Zedd get his morpher to actually connect to the Morphing Grid? Like did Zedd just steal it from Promethea while he was breaking himself out of the base? However, this easily makes others and myself, already looking forward to the next issue for answers. Especially, since I do not think we have an official name for Lord Zedd’s Ranger-fied form yet. Currently, most fans are calling it “the Zedd Ranger,” as it is building off and streamlining Zedd’s pre-existing design.


Overall, I really enjoyed this issue, as it continues the overarching dread surrounding Mistress Vile’s plan and Dark Specter. As a result, the comic iteration of Dark Specter is becoming a real “final boss” villain unlike his live-action counterpart. Also, having the Rangers and their allies clueless, as to how to stop their plan is really suspenseful. So, with the addition of the Zedd Ranger, this continues to amplify the seriousness of this storyline. In addition, I really want to make a custom Lightning Collection figure, unless Hasbro announces one for Zedd Ranger soon. Anyway, the comics are becoming the best part about the franchise, even if it may add to MMPR oversaturation. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, I cannot wait to see what happens next in Issue 107 next month!


Final Score: 5 out of 5 Power Coins

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