Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 42

Comic Credits

  • Writer: Ryan Parrot
  • Illustrator: Daniele Di Nicuolo
  • Colors: Walter Baiamonte
  • Color Assistance: Katia Ranalli
  • Letters: Ed Dukeshire
  • Cover: Jamal Campbell
  • Editor: Dafna Pleban


Warning: This review will contain spoilers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 42.


Kicking off the issue is Dayne narrating over the current battle the Mighty Moprhin Power Rangers face. Now, I enjoyed reading his analysis of the Rangers, as they fought; it gave characters like Rocky, Adam, and Aiesha a bit more depth to them. Whereas, his analysis the remaining originals: Billy, Kimberly, and Tommy, further solidifies what fans already know about them. What I love in this scene is how Dayne tells the readers, that Tommy is “Just a loner pretending to lead, and that makes him the Rangers greatest vulnerability.” Processing that assessment, I realized that characterization/ profiling of Tommy is true for not just this iteration of the character, but holds some truth to the TV series too. However, in the comics readers get to see Tommy is still coming to terms with his new powers. In addition, he may not be able to understand why Jason, Trini, and Zack left “the war” to be in “Switzerland.” So, it makes sense for Tommy to not be fully focused on the team, as he should be, especially when it comes to trying to get everyone to work together as a unit.


Following Dayne’s assessment of the Rangers the issue transitions to Safehaven. There the Blue Emissary attempts to explain the events of the Shattered Grid to Garrison Vox, in hopes that he may seek redemption. During the explanation, readers learn that thanks to the Shattered Grid people are being infected by the Morphing Grid energy. It explains why both Kiya and Vox, as well as others throughout the universe now can harness parts of the Morphing Grid without entirely becoming a Ranger. However, when it comes time for Vox to make his decision, he chooses imprisonment. Now, I love Vox’s reply to offer, as he does not only rebuke it, but give his take on the situation. Vox sees the situation as the Blue Emissary does not like how people have gotten a taste of power, and that the Emissaries as a whole are scared of this. Now, Vox’s assumption is most likely neither wrong nor right because even though he is a villain, we do not know much about the Emissaries, or the other prisoners teased in Issue 40. So, this scene is probably a foreshadowing of more to come within Necessary Evil!


While the Blue Emissary re-bottles Vox, we transition to a moment between Trini and Kiya. I enjoy this moment as we get to know more about our new Omega Ranger, Kiya, and how she became a Ranger. We learn that Kiya became empowered while she was sleeping, and the energy discharge upon receiving the power it killed her family. It is a pretty gruesome origin story even for Power Rangers’ standards, but it helps to show how being infected can bring more harm than good. In addition, the method in how Kiya received her powers is solid motivation, as to why she wants to help redeem those who are empowered/ infected by the Morphing Grid. Furthermore, it shows how being empowered by Morphing Grid whether to be a Power Ranger or not can be a curse. I am hoping Kiya will stick around after this arc, as I am easily opening up to the character more as we learn about her.

Then Tommy and Kim have a small scene together, jogging across the Great Wall of China. It is a nice date-like moment for their relationship, and it is cool option to see the Great Wall be used as the location. Seeing the Power Rangers being somewhere else besides Angel Grove is always a treat, and it is one of the things I love about the comics. In the comics the Power Rangers go everywhere, and it gives them the actual sense that they are protectors of not just Angel Grove, the world, the universe and beyond! Yet, currently the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are back to being stuck on Earth whereas, the Omega Rangers get to go a ball. However, this ball is a level six infiltration mission on Planet Breel, the planet where the MMPR team switched powers in Go Go Power Rangers. So, it is great to see a past location return and further re-establish the canon in the Boom! Studios comic universe.


Thankfully, this mission to Planet Breel does not affect the Rangers like it did in the past, as XI exclaims “Your connection to the Morphin Grid is too strong. Your colors will be fine.” XI’s line goes to show how either those infected or selected by the Emissaries have stronger connections to the Morphing Grid that average Power Rangers. My other theory is that with Jason, Zack, and Trini staying in the Morphing Grid, it advanced and evolved their connections than when they previously were Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Anyways, once arriving to Planet Breel, among the invited guests are “future” villains from seasons like Alien Rangers, Zeo, Turbo and In Space; notably seen in the crowd shots are Darkonda, Elgar, General Havoc, Queen Machina and Klank. So, the seeds are being sown for possible future events in the comics if we are to ever fully advance past the Mighty Morphin era.


Eventually, Queen Adriyel makes her first appearance in the main Power Rangers comic run, which is nice to see her again. Last time, Adriyel appeared was in Go Go Power Rangers issue 15, I believe. Now, Adriyel seems to be back and better than ever, especially since she is the ‘Level Six’ threat our Omega Rangers are searching for. In addition, Adriyel has summoned the “future” villains of the franchise to her planet, to kneel before her and recognize her as their one true leader. Furthermore, she is aware that the Power Rangers are among them! Hopefully, this moment sets up a cool fight where the Omega Rangers must face the “future” villains before retreating. I would love to see how this could affect Boom! Studios set-up for both, Zeo and Turbo specifically since Jason interacted with the Machine Empire and Divatox’s Crew in the main televised continuity. For example, could this possible interaction eventually be Boom’s reasoning to have the Machine Empire move in on Zedd’s territory, and/ or why Divatox will eventually take Jason hostage to be used as a tribute to Maligore? I do not know specifically, but it is a cool theory to work with moving forward.


Meanwhile on Earth, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers at the Youth Center, and in the background there is Bulk, Skull, and Candice. Also, it seems Skull and Candice are dating, thus Bulk is the odd man out, the third wheel, which is sad to see. Whereas, the Rangers are trying to enjoy their lunch while Tommy attempts to reassure that they are becoming a team. However, Tommy is unaware of a news flash regarding Zedd’s latest attack and believes Rocky is trying to interrupt him, before the others set him straight. This leads to the issue’s “Morphin’ Time!” page where Daniele Di Nicuolo and Katia Ranalli shine; this morph sequence is one of the best we have had in awhile. Also, I want to take a second to say I love their designs of the Omega Rangers for the ball on Planet Breel in the previous scenes. Their artwork is amazing every issue, and often it seems to exceed previous issues.


Finally, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers arrive on the scene. There they come face-to-face with Dayne, who immediately sees through their dog jokes and tells them “Well… whenever you’re ready, children.” Furthermore, Dayne informs the Rangers that this fight is not going to be a fair one, as he activates a micro-yield EMP. Now, this is what I love about Dayne, especially with the little that we have seen of him. Dayne is far more than the Rangers can handle, and I feel as though the next issue is going to feature the Rangers taking a loss, which I cannot wait for! Nevertheless, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 42 is another hit out of the ballpark, and I am looking forward to the next issue as always. Hats off the everyone involved in making this issue possible!


Final Grade: 5 out of 5 Power Coins


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