Morphinominal Expo 2018 Announces Its First Guest!

Today, Morphinominal Expo via their FaceBook Page announced its first guest to be attending the 2018 Expo. That guest is none other than Power Ranger Dino Charge/ Dino Super Charge’s Brennan Mejia! Brennan Mejia starred in both ‘Dino Charged’ seasons as Tyler Navarro, the Dino Charge Red Ranger. Besides Power Rangers, Brennan Mejia filmography includes iCarly, American Horror StoryThe Secret Life of the American Teenager, and reality series, Scared Sh!tless. Now, Morphinominal Expo also says this will be the 27 year old Californian’s first time to Texas, so we can only hope he will enjoy his time there.


Morphinominal Expo is a free Power Rangers event for fans to attend. The first Morphinominal Expo’s guests featured Power Rangers alumni from In Space, Lost Galaxy, and Mega ForceMorphinominal Expo 2018 will be hosted again at the Wonderland Mall of Americas in San Antonio, Texas. The event will transpire over the course of two days: Saturday, September 8th to Sunday, September 9th. Vendors can currently contact the expo to inquire about renting booths, or hosting events. We will continue to follow the Morphinominal Expo, and provide updates on its further announcements.


Source: Morphinominal Expo


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