Mortal Kombat Live-Action Film Sequel Greenlit

Earlier this year, it was reported that a sequel to New Line’s live-action Mortal Kombat film was in the works. Today, it has been reported that the sequel film has been green-lit and Simon McQuoid will return to direct. Also reported earlier, Jeremy Slater, who recently worked as a writer for the Disney+ Moon Knight series will be the script writer for the film. For those who are not aware, the first of New Line’s live-action Mortal Kombat films premiered in theaters and HBO Max in April 2021. No other details about the project has been confirmed at this time of writing so stay tuned for updates.

I did like the first film overall and it did a decent job setting up several of the characters. It did make sense that not all the main characters were featured in the first film so there is a ton of room for a sequel followup. That being said due to the limited amount of details we have for the second film there is not much else to comment on.

Source: Deadline

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