Announcing the New Sword & Sorcery Action Figure Series, Savage Crucible!

Savage Crucible: Sangre (Graphic Novel)

Today, we are promoting an all-new action figure series that has launched a Kickstarter to fund its development. Titled, Savage Crucible, it is a 1/12th scaled sword and sorcery focused action figure series. These figures will feature multiple points of articulation and an abundance of display options from accessories to parts swapping. Additionally, like the Four Horsemen’s Mythic Legions, Savage Crucible will have original characters, and allow collectors to customize them. However, this line is collaborating with the Frazetta Art Museum, to include characters featured in Frank Frazetta’s artwork. Surprisingly, for those unaware, the company and toyline is created by William Robert Post, the man behind the website, MyActionFigureCustoms. Whereas, Mr. Post’s team includes toy designers both, formerly or presently, associated with companies like Hasbro and Mattel.


Now, the Savage Crucible Kickstarter officially launched on Friday, with a goal of $120,000 for Wave 1 in Fall 2023. Whereas, the Kickstarter’s stretch goals extend into Wave 2 and Wave 3, totaling up to $242,000 for Summer 2024. Also, additional perks for the Kickstarter include exclusive figure variants, commemorative collector’s coins, and a graphic novel. However, over the weekend, the Savage Crucible Kickstarter completed its primary goal, and it has almost cleared its stretch goals! So, for pre-existing backers fearing that the campaign could fail, they no longer need to worry at all. Although, for newcomers looking to support the Kickstarter, joining now will assure anyone early access before inventory reaches potential retailers. Then regarding the actual products, the following sections breakdown the contents of the waves, individual prices, and the Kickstarter perks.


Wave 1 – Saurian & Lemurian

The first wave of Savage Crucible is based on reptilian humanoids referred to as the Saurians and the Lemurians. The wave consists of six figures when purchased through the Kickstarter, but will contain five at base retail. The sixth figure is a Kickstarter exclusive variant that will only have additional releases at convention appearances and through contests. Also, the wave will feature two accessory packs that includes optional parts like heads, hands, armor, and weapons. Whereas, the following waves featured in the Kickstarter alternative between five or six figures, and at least two accessory packs. Furthermore, the prices for these products range from $15 to $38, while Pledge Packs may vary for backers.

Wave 2 – Barbarian

The second wave of Savage Crucible is mostly based on human-barbarian characters, including Frank Frazetta’s Warrior with Ball and Chain. However, among these figures is a single character within the Therian race, derived from the old Greek word for beast. Also, it is associated with Therianthropy, the mystical ability where people shapeshift into animals or humanoid hybrids like werewolves. Coincidentally, the Therian character seems to be based on a wolf, and it is seemingly a bounty hunter too. Now, unlike Wave 1, Wave 2’s prices range between $25 to $40, with the Frazetta collaboration being the highest item.

Wave 3 – Pirahnoid

The third wave of Savage Crucible focuses on the fish people race referred to as the Pirahnoids. In addition, the wave features a character from an “unknown” race that resembles H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. So, fans should expect more characters based on the Cthulhu Mythos and other Cosmic Horror tales to appear within the line. Whereas, this wave will consist of six figures and a single accessory pack with prices ranging from $15 to $38.

Anyway, this concludes our rundown on the Savage Crucible Kickstarter, and how to support the campaign. For those interested in learning more about Savage Crucible, we suggest following them on FaceBook and Instagram. However, at this time, we believe this is everything they will be focusing on for the moment. Although, Savage Crucible’s official website does have a section hinting to Wave 4, but it requires password access. So, possibly by supporting the Kickstarter, backers might get access to see what is to come in the near future. Nevertheless, readers thanks again for visiting the site, and please make sure to follow Hero-Club across social media using @HeroClub4Life!


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