New Toei Hero Next Film Announced

Recently a new website has opened for the newest installment in the Toei Hero Next films. The film will be a sequel to last year’s film titled “, Toei Hero Next: We’re A Bounty Hunter Team.”  The new film will be called “, Toei Hero Next Stage The Play: Farewell Us Bounty Hunter Team.”  The film featured the main cast of Kyoryuger so expect them to return for the next installment.

 The staff cast includes:

  • Kida Tsyoshi – Director
  • Sakai Zenshi – Writer
  • Yasuhiro Misawa – Music Composer
  • Koichi Sakamoto – Action Supervisor

The cast for the film will be announced on November 30.   The show will be held on February 16 – February 22, 2017.

Source: Official Website

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