Next Sentai Series Revealed – Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger

Recently an image revealing the next Super Sentai team has surfaced online.   The season will be called Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger.


Heroshock has reported details about the recent Bandai meeting about the upcoming season.

The season is stated to have 9 Senshi, which consist of:

  • Shishired (Lion)
  • OokamiBlu (Wolf)
  • KajikiYellow (Swordfish)
  • ChameleonGreen (Chameleon)
  • WashiPink (Eagle)
  • OushiBlack (Taurus)
  • SasoriOrange (Scorpio)
  • TenbinGold (Libra)
  • HebitsukaiSilver (Ophiuchus)

The season’s gimmick will consist of spheres called the Kyutama. Each senshi will have their own unique spheres based on constellations.

Some example include:

  • Kujira Kyutama (Whale)
  • Kenbikyou Kyutama  (Microscope)
  • Ryoken Kyutama (Hound)
  • Andromeda Kyutama
  • Perceus Kyutama

The main weapons will consist of the Seiza Blaster (Seiza meaning constellation), the Kyu Sword, the Kyu Axe, and the Kyu Spear.

This season’s mecha will be known as Voyagers.  

The main mecha will be called Kyurenoh and will be composed of:

  • Shishi Voyager
  • Ookami Voyager
  • Kajiki Voyager
  • Chameleon Voyager
  • Washi Voyager
  • Oushi Voyager
  • Sasori Voyager
  • Tenbin Voyager
  • Hebistukai Voyager


Source: Heroshock, Vanno Kamoyo Twitter

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