Ninja Talks LIVE: Gundam! – The Test Type

This is “Ninja Talks Live: Gundam”, a round table discussion based podcast hosted by me, the VisibleNinja! In addition, the show features Hero Club founder, Wheelchair21 as my co-host, especially when technical difficulties occur. Now, this episode was originally a test for our streaming program, but eventually turned out to be our pilot. Joining us for this broadcast, and recording was Oga (Otaku Gangsta) from Herotaku Media. In the episode we give our backstories, as to how we got into the Mobile Suit fandom. In addition, we take a glimpse at the kits announced at the Gunpla Expo in Hiroshima. The last half of the show features us taking questions from the live audience in the YouTube chat.

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Anthony Michel aka VisibleNinja (Metal)
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Billy “TaJa” Doyle aka Wheelchair21 (Wheelz)
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