NYCC 2016 : Transformers Robots in Disguise Official Images

TFW2005 has recently posted official HD images of the new Transformers Robots in Disguise toys that were shown at New York Comic Con 2016.  Just like the previously announced third season,  the toys will also be released in the Transformers Combiner Force toyline.

The new announced figures include:

  • Bumblebee with Mini-Con Activators Stuntwing 
  • Sideswipe with Mini-Con Activators Grate-Byte
  • Strongarm with Mini-Con Activators Trickout

Crash Combiners

  • Strongarm with Optimus (Primestrong)
  • Bumblebee with Sideswipe (Beeside)
  • Skysledge – Stormhammer

Source: TFW2005


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