[Official Images] Complete Selection Modification Altering

Premium Bandai has updated with an official pre-order page for the Complete Selection Modification Altering. For those who are not aware, the Altering was the name of the belt used by Shoichi Tsugami to become Kamen Rider Agito. Now, like previous CSM releases, the device will feature newly recorded sounds by Toshiki Kashu (Kamen Rider Agito). Additionally, the Altering will include the powerup plate known as the Dragons’ Nail, which will activate both the Burning and Shining forms. The Altering will also feature infrared sensors, which are used to help activate the Henshin sounds when the user does the transformation pose.

The Altering will also feature several BGMs, which include:

  • Kamen Rider Agito
  • Believe Yourself
  • Machine Tornader
  • Deep Breath
  • Kamen Rider Agito 24.7 Version
  • Pulsation
  • The Collapse of Daily Life
  • Agito -Mysterious Warrior-
  • Agito VS Gills!!
  • Another Kamen Rider

Pre-orders for the Complete Selection Modification Altering will open later today and will close on March 23. The item will be released this September, and orders are priced at 29,700 yen. For those who want to purchase this item early, they should contact their preferred middleman now. Whereas, for those who are willing to wait, they can check out Bluefin Brands’ Team Rider for distribution details.

Source: Premium Bandai

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