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Nearly a month ago, Premium Bandai began teasing the next release in the Complete Selection Modification series. The teaser for the third Heisei Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Ryuki and its Rider Belt, the V Buckle! However, North American fans may identify this series due to its adaptation as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. The V Buckle is device that the 13 Riders would transform with after inserting their specific Advent Deck. Then shortly afterwards Premium Bandai also revealed that a CSM Dragvisor, Ryuki’s signature Visor, would follow. While these item are normally meant to be sold individually, Premium Bandai is also providing the option to buy both as a set. We will now breakdown the individual release for those interested in these items.


The Complete Selection Modification V Buckle is set to feature the V Buckle, and the 13 Rider Advent Decks. In addition, it will feature the two Survive Decks for Ryuki and Knight, as well as a Blank Deck. Furthermore, the set will include Kamen Rider Abyss’ Deck from Kamen Rider Decade. Each of the decks will feature the Contract Monster and Final Vent cards, as well as NFC micro-chips that will allow the V Buckle to activate specific BGM’s for the Riders. The CSM V Buckle is 30,240 yen (roughly $300 USD), and is set to release this December.

The Complete Selection Modification Dragvisor will contain the Dragvisor and over 50 Advent Cards. These Advent Cards range from the various attacks and abilities each of the Riders have. The set will also contain the three Survive Cards! The CSM Dragvisor is 21,600 yen (roughly $216 – $220 USD), and is set to release January 2019.

The Complete Selection Modification V Buckle & Dragvisor Set will contain everything previously mentioned. It will have the V-Buckle, the Dragvisor, the 17 Decks, and all of the Advent Cards. The CSM V Buckle & Dragvisor Set is going to set collectors back though as it is 51,840 yen (estimated $520 USD), but the set will release in December alongside the individual CSM V Buckle.

Now, pre-orders for all items will open tomorrow at 11:00 am JST! Pre-orders for these items are stated to close on August 20th at 11:00 pm JST. Those interested should contact their preferred middleman or online distributor, as soon as possible.


Source: Premium Bandai

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