Official Images: DX Voyagers 02, 04, 06, & 08

This next listing is for the additional Voyagers used by the remaining four Kyuurangers. These are for Scorpion, Tenbin, Hebistukai, and Washi Voyagers. They can replace other Voyagers on Kyuren-Oh to create alternate combinations. These Voyagers will also come with their signature Kyutama. Each of the remaining Voyagers are going release alongside DX Kyuuren-Oh next Friday, and will be sold for 2400 yen.


Kyutama Gattai 02 DX Scorpion Voyager

Kyutama Gattai 04 DX Tenbin Voyager

Kyutama Gattai 06 DX Hebistukai Voyager

Kyutama Gattai 08 DX Washi Voyager

Source: Bandai

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