Official Images: Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 DX Neo Amazons Driver

It is not officially April 6th here in North America, however in Japan it is! Now, with it being tomorrow there that means we have the official information on the DX Neo Amazons Driver. The item has already been confirmed as a Premium Bandai exclusive similar to the DX Amazons Driver. The DX Neo Amazons Driver will feature the Driver, two Amazon Injectors, and the Neo Amazons Register. In addition, to the DX Neo Amazons Driver the release will include the Amazons Sigma Core. The Amazons Sigma Core is to be used with the original DX Amazons Driver.

Official Description:

When setting the Amazon Injector to the transformation belt and raising the holder, the transformation sounds, and the deathblow technique is activated by the subsequent operation of the holder.
Then by pushing in the Amazon Injector, one can activate other sounds like “Blade”, “Needle”, “Cloth”.
It can also be reinforced by re-injecting “Amazon Injectors”.
Also, the “Neo Amazons Register” bracelet is included to transform into the new Amazon bodies.

In addition, “Amazon Sigma Core Parts” is included as an initial benefit.  Meant for the “DX Amazons Driver” (discontinued), to be enjoyed for Transformation Play as Kamen Rider Amazon Sigma.


  • Neo Amazons Driver (1)
  • Amazons Injector (2) 
  • Neo Amazons Register (1) 
  • (First Time Bonus) Amazon Sigma Core Parts (1)

Orders for the DX Neo Amazons Driver will also open today at 11:00 am Japan Standard Time. Orders for the item will then close June 26 at 23:00 (11 pm JST). Then as for shipments for the DX Neo Amazons Driver, they will be released this October. The DX Neo Amazons Driver will be sold for 14,040 yen from the site. However, the price will vary online through various stores and middlemen provide the item to international customers. Also, Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 premieres on Amazon Prime Japan Friday, April 7th!


Source: P-Bandai

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