Official Images: Kyutama Gattai DX Kyuren-Oh

Up next from Bandai are the official product images for Kyutama Gattai DX Kyuren-Oh. Based on the Kyuurangers’ main mecha, DX Kyuren-Oh features the Voyager 01, 03, 05, 07, and 09.  Shishi Voyager acts as the main body linking with the other pieces to form the mecha. Limbs are interchangeable, and can link with DX Kyutama Cockpit sets. Kyutama Gattai DX Kyuren-Oh will release next Friday, February 11th for 8620 yen.

Official Product Description:

[set contains]

  • Shishi Voyager (1)
  •  Wolf Voyager (1)
  • Oushi Voyager (1)
  • Chameleon Voyager (1)
  • Kajiki Voyager (1)
  • Instruction manual

From the “Space Squadron Kyuuranger”

Press the button, to activate sounds! The Kyutama glow!

“Kyutama Gattai 01, 03, 05, 07, 09 DX Kyuren-Oh” appears!
Seiza docking five parts! Four pieces other than Sishi Voyager become both arms and legs to freely recombine!

Also, it is possible to coalesce with an optional cube voyager.
(All items not listed for this product are sold separately.)

Source: Bandai

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