Official Images: Premium Bandai DX Dark Ring & Promotional Video

Today, Premium Bandai and Tsuburaya Productions promoted the release for the next exclusive releasing in March, DX Dark Ring from Ultraman Orb! The Dark Ring is Jugglas Juggler’s signature accessory in summoning kaiju and the Demon Beast Kings. The item is set to come with five Ultra Fusion Cards, one of which is a Demon Beast King along with contain a variety of alternate sounds and quotes from Juggler. Now, on the P-Bandai order page and Tsuburaya Productions YouTube Channel there is a video of Takaya Aoyagi (Jugglas Juggler) revealing the item, as well as demonstrating its features. Orders for the DX Dark Ring open on September 16 at 16:00 JST, and will stop on December 26 at 23:00 JST. The item will be sold for 5,508 yen; one should contact his/her preferred middleman as soon as possible to secure an order.

Ultra Fusion Cards with Dark Ring:

  • Demon Beast King, Gatanozoa (Ghatanothoa)
  • Antlar
  • Melba
  • Nova
  • Bullton

Promotional Video with Takaya Aoyagi:

Source: P-Bandai

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