Official Images: Super Mini-Pla Sun Vulcan Robo & Jaguar Vulcan

Today, Bandai has revealed the next Super Sentai Super Mini-Pla releases! The newest additions are based on the fifth entry in the series Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan, as it is the main mecha Sun Vulcan Robo, and its carrier mecha, Jaguar Vulcan. Now, with the information provided by both, Bandai Candy and Premium Bandai, we know both Super Mini-Pla sets will be sold individually. In addition, Premium Bandai does not have single release option either. Furthermore, due to Super Mini-Pla Jaguar Vulcan’s sheer size it will be regulated as Premium Bandai web shop exclusive. Whereas, Super Mini-Pla Sun Vulcan Robo will be sold at retail and on the Premium Bandai website.


Now, Super Mini-Pla Sun Vulcan Robo will consist of two boxes within the set which will build the individual parts, Cosmo Vulcan and Bull Vulcan. In the series, Cosmo Vulcan is VulEagle’s signature mecha while VulShark and VulPanther share Bull Vulcan. When the two halves are combined to form Sun Vulcan Robo, the set will allow fans to equip it with either the VulSword, VulShield, VulHand and VulSun weapons. Super Mini-Pla Sun Vulcan Robo is a retail release scheduled for February 2020, and the set is priced at 5720 yen. Below is the official gallery from Bandai:

Then as for Super Mini-Pla Jaguar Vulcan, it is the carrier mecha which stores both Cosmo Vulcan and Bull Vulcan. The set will be able to open its various hanger bays for the mecha, as well as move its jaw and eyes. The mecha also severed as a basis for Seijuu Sentai Gingaman’s GigaBitus, better known to Power Rangers fans as the Zenith Carrierzord. Yet as mentioned earlier, this item is a Premium Bandai exclusive that scheduled for February 2020 to release alongside Sun Vulcan Robo. Now, because of its hefty scale this Super Mini-Pla is priced at 12,100 yen (roughly $120 USD). Pre-orders for Super Mini-Pla Jaguar Vulcan open tomorrow, October 18 at 1:00 pm JST (4 hours from now). So, for those interested in purchasing this item, I suggest contacting a middleman service immediately! Below is the official gallery from Bandai:


Source: Bandai


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