Official Images: Ultraman Gaia Ultra Replica Esplender & Agulater

Premium Bandai recently published the order page for the newest addition to the Ultra Replica series! This new addition is none other than set comprised of the Esplender, and the Agulater from Ultraman Gaia. Ultraman Gaia was the 14th entry in the Ultra series airing in 1998, following both Ultraman Tiga, and Ultraman Dyna. The series features two Ultras, Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul, who fight to defend the Earth! However, Gaia fights to save the Earth and humanity, whereas Agul fights only for the planet. Yet, as the series goes on the two put things aside because their rivalry brings forth a threat neither can face alone.


Ultraman Gaia merged with Gamu Takayama, a scientist and member of XIG. Originally to transform in Ultraman Gaia, Gamu used a similar device to the Beta Capsule before he would create the Esplender. Whereas, Ultraman Agul merged with Hiroya Fujimiya for having similar beliefs than mankind would lead to the Earth’s destruction. It is unconfirmed, but hypothesized that Fujimiya must have created his Agulater to transform similar to Gamu and the Esplender. Also, it is best to note that Hiroya Fujimiya was portrayed by Hassei Takano, whose roles include Miyuki Tezuka/ Kamen Rider Raia, and Hayato Ichimonji/ Kamen Rider 2 (The First/ The Next).


Now, these Ultra Replica items recreate the props seen on the show. Both will feature working LED lights and sounds such as the Ultras’ signature attacks. The Esplender will feature the Photon Edge, and the Quantum Stream; the Agulater will feature the Agul Blade, and Photon Crusher. In addition, the set will come with special display pedestals. Below is the current gallery on the order page:

Now, pre-orders for the Ultra Replica Esplender & Agulater set will open tomorrow, Friday, October 6th at 11:00 am JST. The Esplender & Agulater set will be sold for 9,936 yen, with orders shipping out in March 2018. Fans of Ultraman Gaia should be elated at this news since the original deluxe toys on the secondary market start at this price or go higher. Yet, that is just for the items individually such as an in-box Esplender, or Agulater. In addition, for those who have not seen Ultraman Gaia can watch the series through Crunchyroll! Never the less, those interested in purchasing the Ultra Replica Esplender & Agulater set should contact their preferred middleman service as soon as possible.


Source: Premium Bandai

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