Official Kamen Rider Geats Press Conference – Cast, Staff & More

Today, Toei held their press conference for the next installment in the Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Geats. However, unlike previous press conferences that were conducted live, Toei prerecorded the entire presentation. So, the following details pertain to the series synopsis, the official trailer, the main cast, and the staff involved.

Series Synopsis:

A young man named, Ace Ukiyo, whose catchphrase is “In the end, victory will be mine!” enters the Desire Grand Prix; a mysterious survival competition where combatants fight deadly creatures called Jamato as Kamen Riders. These Kamen Riders aim to accumulate the most points by defeating the Jamato, each other, and saving lives. Whereas, whoever wins the Desire Grand Prix will obtains the right to reshape the world as they desire! Also, like Kamen Rider Ryuki, the series will feature multiple Kamen Riders with different designs and abilities. However, not all of them are present when series begins, so fans will have to wait for everything to unfold!

The Main Cast

The series stars, Kan Hideyoshi as our protagonist Ace Ukiyo/ Kamen Rider Geats. In the series, Ace Ukiyo is a mysterious young man participating in the Desire Grand Prix. He is determined to win the entire competition, but his reasons for entering will be revealed at a later date.

The next participant in the Desire Grand Prix is Azuma Michinaga/ Kamen Rider Buffa portrayed by Kazuto Mokudai. Azuma is a lone wolf that is blunt, but he is also a passionate man that cares for his friends. Within the Desire Grand Prix, he sees Kamen Rider Geats as his rival.

The third confirmed participant is Keiwa Sakurai/ Kamen Rider Tycoon portrayed by Ryuga Sato. Currently, Keiwa is seeking a job and lives with his sister. He is straightforward and honest, as well as he has a passion for tanuki soba.

The fourth confirmed participant is Neon Kurama/ Kamen Rider Naaga portrayed by Yuna Hoshino. In the series, Neon Kurama is a social media influencer with over 2 million followers, and comes from a rich family. However, Neon surprisingly wants to live an ordinary life with dreams of running away from her family.

Supporting Cast:

The series will feature both a navigator, Tsurumi, and a concierge, Girori, for the Desire Grand Prix. Tsurumi is portrayed by Kokoro Aoshima, as the navigator she explains how the Desire Grand Prix works and announces the results. Whereas, Girori is portrayed Shugo Oshinari, who owns the salon which also serves as a neutral zone for Desire Grand Prix participants.

Now, Kamen Rider Geats is set to premiere on September 4th during TV-Asahi’s Super Hero Time block each Sunday. The series is being produced by TV-Asahi’s Chihiro Inoue, and Toei’s Naomi Takebe who previously worked on Kamen Rider Gaim. The series main writer will be ‘Mr. Christmas’ Yuya Takahashi, known for previously writing Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Kamen Rider Zero-One. Then the main unit directorial team will consist of series regulars, Shojiro Nakazawa and Teruaki Sugihara. Whereas, the second unit or the action director is suit actor Satoshi Fujita. Finally, the theme song will be performed by Koda Kumi and Shonan no Kaze, while Toshihiko Sahashi will compose the score.


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