Opinion Piece: Suicide Squad & Expectations

What’s going on club? XBen3000 here and I wanted to write something short and sweet today. With Suicide Squad coming out, we’re dealing with critics who are saying the movie is terrible or down right bad. I think a thing to keep in mind is that critics are people who are paid to give their opinion about subject matter, in this case Suicide Squad.  They use their knowledge of films to inform their opinion as to whether or not a movie is bad.

That said, while I’m excited to see Suicide Squad, I’ve also lowered my expectations. Which means I’m going into Suicide Squad hoping its average. Thus when this movie surprises me, I’m shocked or in awe. Adding onto my experience of “Man, Suicide Squad wasn’t that bad”. as many people have pointed out.

At the end of the day, its up to you the person giving this movie their money to decide as to whether or not it was good or bad. Final note, please don’t bash critics for giving their reviews or start a petition to take down a website which houses reviews from different websites but that’s another opinion piece for another time. Like always, I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!

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