Otakon 2017: Attendance Numbers

So we have some interesting news regarding Otakon. We finally learned the attendance numbers, something I was interested in seeing. Earlier today Otakon released the magic number 24.984. Going by the numbers we have for last year when they were in Baltimore which was 29,113. It’s safe to say that the attendance numbers were down. I do wonder if Otakon had prepared for a drop of 4,129. I think after a successful first year in my own opinion, I can see the attendance growing. You can say that I’m hopeful that now that the “word” has gotten out that Otakon’s new venue is great. I can’t wait to attend the convention again next year and see just how many people will come.

For those that have attended Otakon, let me know how you feel down below. Until my con report, I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!

Source: Otakon

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