Pierce Brosnan Cast as Doctor Fate in “Black Adam”

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Pierce Brosnan is set to portray Kent Nelson aka Doctor Fate in “Black Adam.”

For those who are not aware, there have been several Doctor Fates throughout the course of DC Comics. The original incarnation of Doctor Fate was created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman. The character made his debut in More Fun Comics #55, which was released in May 1940. He was originally conceived in a six page comic strip, but eventually got more backstory in More Fun Comics #67, which was released in May 1941. The character was also featured in Justice Society of America and Justice League comics.

In the comics, Kent’s father Sven was an archaeologist who went on an expedition to the Valley of Ur. In the valley, he discovered the tomb of Nabu the Wise in a temple and opens it. This incident lead to the death of his father due to poisonous gas. Because of this, Nabu took pity on Kent and decided to team him the powers of the sorcerer. Twenty years later, Kent was given the mystical helmet, alumet, and cloak. Donning the outfit, he would become the powerful Doctor Fate.

No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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