Playmates Toys To Release Classic Voltron

Bigbadtoystore has updated with official pre-orders for a new Classic Voltron release by Playmates Toys.  For those who are unaware these lions are based on the original Voltron: Defender of the Universe series. The first season of the series ran from September 10, 1984 to November 27, 1984, being adapted entirely from Beast King GoLion. However, due to overwhelming popularity of the Lion Force Voltron a second season was commissioned, and aired the following year from October 21, 1985 to November 18, 1985. Yet, the original lions would return 13 years later in Voltron: The Third Dimension, which served as a direct sequel to the original 1984 series. Whereas, the second series based on Armored Fleet Dairugger XV, began its run alongside the original series on September 14, 1984 before concluding on February 18, 1985. Now, as for the source material, Beast King GoLion, it premiered three years earlier on March 4, 1981 and ran until February 24, 1982. Furthermore, Beast King GoLion, is currently available for streaming in North America through Crunchyroll.


The set of four lions that comprise the limbs of Voltron are currently priced at $89.99. Whereas, the Black Lion will be sold on its own for $39.99. Each lion will include weapons and will be able to form the Voltron: Defender of the Universe! 

Those who are interested can pre-order these items at the link listed below.

Source: BBTS

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