Playmates Voltron: Legendary Defender Toys Revealed

The Nerdist has recently revealed the first look of the Voltron: Legendary Defender toys that will be released by Playmates Toys. The toys are set to launch in January 2017.

The toys will be released in the following assortments.

  • 5.5 Action Figures ($9.99): The Five lions, Voltron, Robeast Myzax: Features firing projectiles, signature weapons / accessories 
  • Deluxe Voltron: Consists of form limbs ($17.99) and the Black Lion ($29.99) – Lions will feature over 18 points of articulation and the Black Lion will feature 50+ sounds with some that will be unlocked by combing the 16 inch tall Volton.  Will also feature removable speeders with pilots and combine-able weapons. 
  • Ultimate Voltron ($39.99): Non transforming articulated 14 inch tall Voltron. Features over 26 points of articulation as well as lights, sounds, and firing projectiles.
  • Defender Gear:  Red Lion or Voltron masks.
  • Voltron’s Transforming Sword: Features 15 different sounds with motion activation.  Can transform from cutlass to saber. 

5.5 Action Figures

Deluxe Voltron & Ultimate Voltron

Defender Gear

Source: Nerdist

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