Pokémon Sun & Moon Corocoro Leaks Revealed

Serebii has recently posted the latest Corocoro scans that reveal some new Pokémon species and information about Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. 

Rockruff’s evolved form has been revealed.  Rockruff will evolve in Lugarugan, who has the ability to change forms depending on the time of day.  When the setting is sunny then he will be able to turn into Midday Form and when it is night he will become Midnight Form.  No other details about Lugarugan has been revealed so stay tuned for updates.

Continuing on a new Ultra Beast has been revealed.  The new Ultra Beast is called UB02, however it seems to have two different forms called UB02 Beauty and UB02 Expansion.  What is interesting to note is that UB02 Expansion is battling against Tapu Koko and will appear in Pokémon Sun while UB02 Beauty is fighting Tapu Koko in Pokémon Moon.  It also also been hinted that UB01’s name might have a deeper meaning.

Lastly, it has been confirmed that the next issue of the Corocoro magazine will reveal more details about the Pokémon named Type: Null.


Source: Serebii

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