Pokémon Sun & Moon – Starters' Final Evolutions, Island Guardians & Legends Return

The latest trailer of Pokémon Sun & Moon has released, and god damn does this one make the seventh generation more enjoyable! First off, we have the “reveal” of the final evolutions for the starters, their abilities and their signature moves. To which I must say, “STFU Chris (GLE) you got your Dark Cat now!” The starters were then followed by the reveal of the other Island Guardians, as well as their shared ‘Earthbound Immortal’ Z-Move, Guardian of Alola. Next we get to see Cosmog and Alola Persian before the trailer confirms there is going to the a Pokémon League in the game, as well as a new interesting place to battle, the Battle Tree! The Battle Tree will be a place for Alola Champions to go and battle or team with other iconic trainers from the franchise. This all leads to the epic conclusion of the trailer where Red and Blue making their shocking return!

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