Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid – Kickstarter Exclusives Character Guide

Welcome to Soundout’s Heroes of the Grid Showcase companion article series! These articles will work in addition to the videos being released to provide more details on characters, both Rangers and Villains within the game. They will be broken down by each box/ expansion released for the game, and will be updated as such. This article will cover the Kickstarter Phase 1 Exclusives Box which features the Green With Evil and White Light expansions as well as a bunch of Monsters and some extra Rangers!


Heroes of the Grid Showcase Episode 2: Kickstarter Exclusives Deluxe Box

Ranger Character Guide:

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger (Rocky)

  • Type: Leader
  • Effect: “When you reveal a card for defense, if that card would be placed on the bottom of your deck, you may add it to your hand instead.”
  • Deck: Same as Mighty Morphin Red (Base Game)
  • Zord: Same as Mighty Morphin Red (Base Game)
  • Note: Uses Miniature, Deck and Zord from Mighty Morphin Red, but replaces Character Card

Mighty Morphin Black Ranger (Adam)

  • Type: Powerhouse
  • Effect: “Once per battle, you may swap a card from your hand with the top card of your discard pile.”
  • Deck: Same as Mighty Morphin Black (Base Game)
  • Zord: Same as Mighty Morphin Black (Base Game)
  • Note: Uses Miniature, Deck and Zord from Mighty Morphin Black, but replaces Character Card

Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger (Aisha)

  • Type: Speedy
  • Effect: “Once per battle, after you defeat an enemy card with an attack, gain 1 energy”
  • Deck: Same as Mighty Morphin Yellow (Base Game)
  • Zord: Same as Mighty Morphin Yellow (Base Game)
  • Note: Uses Miniature, Deck and Zord from Mighty Morphin Yellow, but replaces Character Card

Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger (Kat)

  • Type: Sharpshooter
  • Effect: “When you suffer damage, before revealing a card for defense, you may look at the top 2 cards of your deck and put them back in any order.”
  • Deck: Same as Mighty Morphin Pink (Base Game)
  • Zord: Same as Mighty Morphin Pink (Base Game)
  • Note: Uses Miniature, Deck and Zord from Mighty Morphin Pink, but replaces Character Card

Dragon Shield Mighty Morphin Red Ranger

  • Type: Power-Up
  • Effect: “During setup, add the Dragon Shield and Dragon Dagger cards to your starting hand.
  • Deck: Same as Mighty Morphin Red (Base Game)
  • Zord: Same as Mighty Morphin Red (Base Game)
  • Note: Adds two cards to starting hand and replaces Jason or Rocky character card; uses all other Mighty Morphin Red cards.

Mighty Morphin White Ranger

  • Type: Leader/ Powerhouse
  • Effect: “Once per battle, when any Ranger reveals a card for defense, you may add 1 shield to that card.”
  • Deck: Tommy’s deck is full of powerful moves with low energy cost and high dice attacks. His shields are lower so taking large damage numbers is ill advised.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card when any Ranger performs a maneuver to allow another Ranger to immediately play 1 card with an energy cost of zero.

Mighty Morphin Green Ranger

  • Type: Loner
  • Effect: “If you are the only player with a Ranger in your location, you may add 1 die to each of your attacks.”
  • Deck: Tommy’s deck is most effective when he works alone. While he is effective in a team with higher dice rolls, he’s also good at clearing enemies on his own.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card when you defeat an enemy card with an attack to deal excess damage from that attack to another enemy card of your choice.”

Rebel Ranger Slayer

  • Type: Sharpshooter
  • Effect: “After the last enemy card in the combat sequence resolves, deal 1 damage to an enemy card of your choice
  • Deck: Rebel Kimberly’s deck is perfect for finishing enemies with rollover damage as well as being able to ignore GUARD traits. She is able to augment her attacks with additional dice making her a great team player but also good at solo combat.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card to use the ability of another Zord that has been summoned.”

Alpha 5

  • Type: Assist/ AI
  • Effect: Loyal Robot: “You cannot move from the Command Center. You cannot perform the BATTLE action, but you may play cards in every battle, regardless of location. When you perform the RECOVER action, you may allow another Ranger to recover instead. Supportive AI: “When any Ranger performs the RECOVER action, they may choose to recover up to 2 fewer shields in order to draw and equal number of cards from the Alpha 5 deck. When any Ranger plays an Alpha 5 card, shuffle it back into the Alpha 5 deck.
  • Deck: Alpha’s deck is entirely designed to assist the Rangers with energy gain and damage being taken.


Villain Character Guide:

Foot Soldiers:

Tenga Warriors

  • Locations: Shopping Mall & Stone Quarry
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Warnings: Tenga Warriors are cowards by nature. They flap about and can do some minor damage, but the biggest thing to be concerned about is their Fly Away ability which can cause panic across the city.

Z Putty Patrollers

  • Locations: Power Plant & Dockyard
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Warnings: Z Putty Patrollers are stronger than normal Putties, but are not too fearsome on their own. Large groups of them will prove a challenge.



  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: Robogoat may seem intimidating, but is not much to be worried about. His low health leaves him vulnerable to attacks. His attacks can be blocked by spending energy, but his combos can be quite painful to Rangers.

Evil Green Ranger

  • Difficulty: Evil Hard
  • Warnings: Brainwashed by the evil Rita Repulsa, Tommy Oliver’s Green Ranger powers are being used for evil. Green Ranger not only uses dice to deal damage to Rangers, he has large damage attacks targeting the lead Ranger of the battle. Rangers need to choose carefully which of their team that they want to be the target of Green Ranger’s power.


  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Warnings: Do not let his small size fool you, Finster is a tough opponent. His abilities can create more trouble for the Rangers than they can imagine. Not only can he deploy more foot soldiers to his location, he also does extra damage for said foot soldiers. Always remember, Finster does not only make the monsters, he knows how to use them for himself.

Eye Guy

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: Aware of everything around him, Eye Guy will always know where the Rangers will be. Due to this awareness of his surroundings, Eye Guy’s attacks deal multiple damage to multiple Rangers and is a really strong deck killer. Recovering or powering up before facing Eye Guy is advised for the Rangers facing down this ocular obstacle.


  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: A Ranger’s worst nightmare is facing themselves in battle, and fighting Primator is the closest that most will come to that nightmare. Primator’s ability to mimic other Rangers will cause damage where the Rangers least expect it. He is also a coward and has very low health, making him an easy target.


  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: This mismatch of animal themes can be a fearsome foe for the Rangers. Rhinoblaster acts as a glass cannon. His attacks can deal heavy damage at the sacrifice of durability. If Rangers play their cards right, Rhinoblaster can run himself into a wall very quickly.

Pumpkin Rapper

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: Now you face the Pumpkin Rapper, his strong vines are quite the slapper. His health stats are sort of smaller, but his damage is quite higher. His combo attacks can be scary unless the Rangers are very wary. Watch out for a pumpkin trap that way you don’t get all wrapped.


Lord Zedd

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Warnings: Lord Zedd is a villain so fearsome that the other evil forces in the universe quiver in fear at the mention of his name. Rangers need to be very cautions when going up against this Emperor of Evil as he can deal damage to the entire team at once. Be incredibly careful of Zedd’s passive effect causing damage to Ranger’s using energy.


  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Warnings: Scorpina may not be well remembered as she mysteriously vanished, but her attacks should not be ignored. Facing Scorpina means facing many high damage attacks with large health stats.

Wizard of Deception

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Warnings: Rangers that enjoy using energy and having a hand of cards will despise the Wizard of Deception. His attacks and passive abilities are very damaging to a Ranger team. Many of his abilities will leave Rangers without energy and without a hand to counterattack. Taking him down will require teamwork and a lot of strategy.


  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Warnings: Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa’s loyal general Goldar will cause the Rangers to be on the defense. Goldar’s attacks are not only high damage but also can be augmented by actions performed by the Rangers. Goldar is as strong as his appearance and Rangers should come prepared to fight him.

That concludes Episode 2 of Soundout’s Heroes of the Grid Showcase! Stay tuned next time when we enter the Shattered Grid….

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