Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid – The Rest of Phase 1 Character Guide

Hello there Hero Club, this is Soundout here with the newest episode of Heroes of the Grid Showcase! For those unaware, this series is about chronicling the heroes and villains featured in the Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid table top game. Now, this episode features Cyclopsis, Villains Pack 1, Bulk & Skull, the Foot Soldier Pack and the Ranger Dice Set; all of these release complete the first phase of the game. So, please enjoy the episode and check out the character guide below!


Heroes of the Grid Showcase Episode 4: The Rest of Phase 1

Character Guide For This Episode:





  • Difficulty: Very Very Evil Hard
  • Warnings: The powerful War Zord Cyclopsis works off of 6 component cards that must be defeated individually. When each component is defeated, they upgrade to a stronger effect. Health limits are higher than any other enemy and attacks are fast. Combat cards can play off component effects and statuses. Rangers must battle Cyclopsis with great caution and even greater courage.


Villain Pack #1:


Commander Crayfish

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: The corrupt crustacean known as Commander Crayfish has a thin shell but his abilities work in tandem with the foot soldiers in his area. He can call upon them to create copycat Rangers in order to deal extra damage. Rangers that stay on their toes should be able to make a seafood platter in no time.


  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: Based on an element in the world that causes damage wherever it goes, Polluticorn is a formidable adversary. If luck is in the cards for the Rangers, they can get ahead of this monster’s high damage attacks. Unlucky Rangers will find themselves in hot water.


Master Vile

  • Difficulty: Evil Hard
  • Warnings: Father of Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto, Master Vile may not share a name with them, but his evil power is unmatched. Very high damage, very big energy drain power, and passive abilities to make Rangers quake in their boots.

Rito Revolto

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Warnings: Rito Revolto may have a goofy demeanor, but under that shell he packs some serious power. His health is strong and his attacks are powerful. Rangers need to stay on their toes to defeat this skeletal foe.


Bulk and Skull Character Pack:


Farkas “Bulk” Bulkmeier

  • Type: Accidental Hero
  • Effect: “Once per battle, you may verbally insult 1 enemy card, then discard 1 card from your hand to deal 1 damage to that enemy card.”
  • Deck: While his powers may be temporary, Bulk’s own clumsiness becomes his greatest strength. Never one to go into a fight alone, he works best when partnered with Skull. Alone they are bumbling, together they are mighty.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card when any Ranger suffers damage to increase that damage by 1, then deal 3 damage to an enemy card of your choice.

Eugene “Skull” Skullovitch

  • Type: Ranger Buddy
  • Effect: “Once per battle, when another Ranger defeats and enemy card, you may offer them a high five. If they accept, that Ranger may choose 1 card from their discard pile and return it to the bottom of their deck.”
  • Deck: He may be called a sidekick… that’s because he is. Skull’s temporary powers make him slightly more powerful, but just as uncoordinated as before. Skull always follows Bulk anyways, but the pair should not be separated at any time. Alone they are bumbling, together they are mighty.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card to allow any Ranger to choose any number of cards from their discard pile and return them to the bottom of their deck. That Ranger must then discard an equal number of cards from the top of their deck.”


That concludes Episode 4 of Soundout’s Heroes of the Grid Showcase! Stay tuned for the next time when we will begin to look at Phase Two…

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