Power Rangers: Sins of the Future, A Time Force Graphic Novel

Cover art by Diego Galindo

Happy Thursday heroes, as today we have some news regarding Boom! Studios which involves the Power Rangers Time Force team. It is a comic graphic novel that will act as a sequel to the Time Force series, and takes place post the Wild Force/ Time Force team up for those looking for continuity. Below is the plot synopsis, and quote from the writer of the book provided by Den of Geeks who had the exclusive news.


After defeating the villainous Ransik alongside their allies in the time-traveling Time Force, Pink Ranger Jen Scotts and Red Ranger Wes Collins want to try for a real relationship. But without sacrificing their commitments to the Silver Guardians and Time Force, can the two actually make the ultimate long-distance relationship work?

When Jen returns from the future, she and Wes are attacked by a mysterious stranger who has dire news – if these two stay together, they’ll disrupt the timeline and change the destiny of humanity! The shocking identity of their accuser sets them on a collision course with an enemy they never expected.

Quote from writer, Matthew Erman:

Jen Scotts of Power Rangers Time Force takes center stage in this story, and she’s such a deep, interesting character with so much to pull from that writing her and other characters from Time Force has been a real gift… It’s been so wild to play in this sandbox and easy to see why it’s regarded by fans as some of the best the franchise has to offer. I can’t wait for everyone to read this!”

Overall it seems like Time Force fans will be happy about this upcoming graphic novel. As always, I love when Boom! Studios gets to focus on other Power Ranger teams. Now, to see them focusing one of my favorite teams has me ecstatic to say the least. I think I am going to have to drag Hero Club’s own Wheelchair21 into doing a re-watch of the series with me down the line; first off, so I have a reason to watch, and second, to have material for the review. Nevertheless, Sins of the Future is set to release in October of this year.


Source: Den of Geek US

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