PowerCon 2017: Masters of the Universe Toy Reveals

Recently images from the Super 7 booth at PowerCon 2017 have surfaced on the net which was held last weekend in California.  The Super 7 booth revealed some new upcoming products based on Masters of the Universe.  

The new products include:

Masters of the Universe: Vintage

  • He-Ro
  • Eldor

Masters of the Universe Classics

  • Granita: Collectors Choice Series
  • Man-E-Faces (Filmation): Club Grayskull

While there wasn’t many new reveals at Power Con it is quite interesting to see that two of the characters that didn’t make it into the vintage toyline finally get released after all these years.  Also it is nice to see that Granita will finally be joining the rest of the main team of the Rock People. 

Source: Toyark

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