Press Start! – Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 01 Review

The gaming doctor Rider has arrived! Will it be a fresh show to wash the bad taste of Ghost away? Let’s us hope so by hitting that Start Button then!


Our seres begins with a monologue on the nature of heroes, namely medical professional’s who save lives every day. We then transition to our hero, Dr. Houjou Emu, a Pediatrics’s Intern, furiously hammering on a Neo Geo Pocket (or a fake system that look like one anyway) before getting dragged back into the hospital to do his damn job.


We then get to meet our resident heroine for the season, Asuna, who bears the only hope to combat a new Breed of Computer Virus (because that’s how Data works!). Dealing with a fainting kid that doesn’t want to stay in the hospital, Houou ends up having to chase the kid outside, and shenanigans ensue. Ultimately, Hujou and Asuna run into each other, with them realizing the kid has a Virus (known as the Bugster Virus) in him. We also learn that Asuna is looking for some Legendary Gamer only know as M.


The kid is taken to the Secret CR (Cyber Rescue) Ward, a place not even Houou knew existed, and he talks about how he wants to attend the Launch Party for the game Mighty Action X. Since Houjou is both a Gamer and a doctor (getting a actual Bandai Wonderswan in a flashback to when we was sick in the year 2000), he figures that the kid might get better if he goes out to the event, and so he takes him. Asuna is not pleased with Houjou for this, but then the Kid turns into a Takoyaki Monster.


As it rages, we learn that this Virus takes over and transformers its host, and that this new Gamer Driver is the only thing that can save the infected. Good thing Houjou is actually Gamer M, and to save this child this Doc is gonna Operate.


Transforming into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Lvl. 1, Houjou manages to kick a ton of ass thanks to Video Game Logic, and really it does make sense in this context for things like Power Up items and Combo moves to work. After killing the monster the Virus reforms as a Boss from Mighty Action X. So Ex-Aid, kicks it up to Level 2!


Making short work of the Bugster mooks, Ex-Aid unleashes his Critical Attack, and bad guy goes boom.


In the wrap up Souta’s fine now and Asuna, who until know we are led to think is some kind of Nurse, actually is a Bubbly Video Game character who lives in a Rythm Game… Ok. Also some set up for the other Riders, occurs.


My Thoughts:
What a lot to take in for a first episode, but it was more than worth it. Houjou isn’t a serious guy, but you can tell he cares about medicne and helping people. Asuna being Lala from Space Channel 5 was a swerve but hey, given the show’s theme I’d buy it. Overall, the fights and gaming stuff made things highly colorful (Speed Racer colorful) and fun to watch. Top marks!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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