R.L. Stine to Write Marvel's Man-Thing Comics

It has recently been announced that acclaimed children’s horror book series writer, R.L Stine, will be working for Marvel as a writer for a brand new Man-Thing comic series.  The new series will be taking inspiration from “The Tales from the Crypt” comic series that started its run from the 1950s. The comic covers will be illustrated by Tyler Crook and the interior artwork will be helm by  German Peralta.  Each comic will also feature short stories written by R.L. Stine with the help of Daniel Warren Johnson as the illustrator.

As stated on the New York Times, Marvel approached Stine and offered him several characters, however due to the nature of his writing and his work on Goosebumps, he decided to go with Swamp-Thing.   Stine plans to make one major change to the character by giving him the ability to talk.  He states that Swamp-Thing “… can talk and he’s very sarcastic.”


Source: New York Times


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