Review: Candy Toy Mini-Pla Doubutsu Gattai 05 – Dodekaioh & Wild Tousai Dodeka King

The fifth Candy Toy Mini-Pla allows fans to assemble the first Cube Animal, Cube Whale! It can transform into Dodekaioh, and combine with the others to form Wild Tousai Dodeka King. Now, Cube Whale has been following the trend of the final main mecha must be big, as seen with Mougyudaioh, Takagami Lioh, Tei-Oh, and Lion HaOh. However unlike recent years with Tei-Oh or Lion Haoh, Dodekaioh maintains some additional points of articulation transformed or combined. Yet, the combination with the others is probably the craziest one to date in general, whether it be the toys or in show…

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