Review: Candy Toy Mini-Pla Doubutsu Gattai Series 02 – Zyuoh Wild

Here is my review on the second Mini-Pla set for Zyuogher! This set features Cube Elephant, Cube Tiger, Cube Gorilla, and auxiliary mecha Cube Mogera (Mole). Cube Elephant and Tiger form additional legs for Zyuoh King, but are more effectively used with Gorilla to become Zyuoh Wild. Mogera, who is a weapon themed mecha similar to Kirin can be used by either robo, or is used as apart of the entire group’s combination Wild Zyuoh King! The current series that all these are featured in, Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, is a series I recommend and think has an incredible toy line fans will enjoy!

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