Review: Candy Toy Mini-Pla Doubutsu Gattai Series 03 – Tousai Zyuoh

Finally we come to Zyuoh THE WORLD’s mecha, Tousai Zyuoh in the Mini-Pla line and it is one of the most intriguing mechas to date. Yet, that is to be expected when it is a mecha from Zyuohger! Now, this video does not include the combination for Wild Tousai King, due to the fact three specific parts for the combination being omitted from this volume and packaged in the next set, so I only focus on Tousai Zyuoh, itself. However, it makes sense to package those parts in the next set along side the movie mecha, Condor Wild, so the wait is on but at least we can still enjoy THE WORLD!

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