Review: Transformers Titan Returns Voyager Class Octone

Hello Hero Club this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review. Today we will be looking at the Transformers Titan Returns Voyager Class Octone/ Octane. It is astonishing how long it took Hasbro to get Octane right in any toy line so far. The original Generation One release is pitiful even for G1 standards and the Universe version is much worse in my opinion. With the release of Titan Returns Voyager Class Octane (or Octone for copyright reasons) I personally feel Hasbro has finally given the character the justice he deserves. While I do praise the design for hitting all the right notes this time around it does have a few flaws. One being that at it times it is difficult to peg in the jet mode kibble while forming his oil tanker mode. Thankfully over time it seems that the parts have adjusted enough so it is no longer really an issue. Another minor issue is that the wings don’t seem to stay pegged in as much as I would have liked, however it is a minor nuisance compared to the many things Hasbro has done right with the figure in my opinion. In conclusion if you are fan of Octane than I can easily say this figure is a must get since it doesn’t features the issues all the previous versions of the character had. I got this at my local Target alongside Blitzwing.

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