Review: Trendmasters Godzilla Attacks NY Giant Playset

“A city full of destruction, a monster is to blame… Godzilla: King of the Monsters!”


This playset has seen me through an amazing childhood. It is capable of being used with other toylines like Power Rangers. In addition, if kept in good shape it can be used as a display piece alongside modern high-end collectible figures like NECA figures, or Tamashii Nations’ S.H.Figuarts and S.H.MonsterArts. Now, the Trendmasters Godzilla Attacks New York Giant Playset features a huge Godzilla with a projectile ability, five tanks, 20 soldiers, and a basic Mecha-King Ghidorah. Furthermore, I think this playset is one of my all-time favorite Godzilla toys in my collection! The video below features partial assembly of the set since it has destructible scenery.

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