Richard Madden in Talks to Join Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’

Variety has reported that Richard Madden is in talks to join the cast of Marvel’s The Eternals as Ikaris. The character was created by Jack Kirby and debuted alongside the team in Eternals #1, which was released in July 1976.

Earlier this March, it was reported that Angelina Jolie is also another potential candidate cast member for the film

In the comics, the Eternals are a group of cosmic beings who gain their powers thanks to mysterious aliens known as the Celestials. The Celestials appointed the Eternals to be the main defenders of the planet Earth, however this led to a war against the Deviants. The Eternals were created by Jack Kirby and made their debut appearance in The Eternals #1, which was released in July 1976.

No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.

Source: Variety

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