RRPG’s Final Fantasy Retrospective – Episode 8 Final Fantasy XI

Welcome back to RRPG’s Final Fantasy Retrospective! For this time around in Episode 8, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Square Enix decided to stray away from doing another traditional installment. They wanted to experiment in a new direction for Final Fantasy’s eleventh, mainline entry; being derived as an evolution of MUDs that became popular in older computers during the 70s and 80s, that genre would evolve itself into Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games which Richard Garriott’s own Ultima Online started the movement. After Sony Online Entertainment’s own EverQuest came out, and revolutionized the genre further by making it the first MMORPG to be in 3D, Final Fantasy XI would be conceived by taking inspirations from EverQuest. In addition, it would throw in the Final Fantasy series’ own flare to make it an important game in the history of role-playing games. What came about was a more divisive experience than mostly an overwhelmingly, positive experience as Final Fantasy XI would be followed by mostly a vocal minority. It would continue to be around for over 15 years as five expansions, and seven add-on scenarios kept it alive for the game’s most faithful to come back to the world of Vana’diel on a daily basis. It is time that RRPG takes a look at Final Fantasy XI and everything that covers the game as Episode 8 of his Final Fantasy Retrospective is live! Enjoy as this episode was a truly arduous and challenging episode to put together!


– Special Thanks to the people of the GhostRiders Linkshell group in Final Fantasy XI who helped RRPG make this episode of Final Fantasy Retrospective possible! Without their guidance, this episode would not be released. –

Original Heroic Opener Intro create by Epicdreamz
Thanks to The Nostalgic Gamer for the inspiration!


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