RRPG’s Golden Sun Retrospective

Hero Club presents RRPG’s Golden Sun Retrospective!


Golden Sun was born from the minds of Hiroyuki Takahashi and Shugo Takahashi; the brothers that would be famous for originally conceiving the Shining franchise of video games for Sega platforms. However, they parted ways with the company to form an endless partnership with Nintendo. From there, Camelot Software Planning would be in charge of all Golf and Tennis games that would have Mario and company’s appearance slapped all over them. Yet, Camelot would also create an original franchise where they retraced their roots with Japanese Role-Playing games! This creation would be what all of us would know today as Golden Sun. In this video RRPG delves into the history of this franchise, discussing each game released as well as Golden Sun’s place in the video game industry. In addition, what the Takahashi Brothers, and Camelot Software Planning must acknowledge if they want to continue on with this IP…

All characters, music, scenarios, and gameplay are owned by both Nintendo and Camelot Software Planning.

Original Epic Trailer created by Dimka4D

Epic Trailer Music by AudioPizza

Edits made by RRPGReviews

Thanks to The Nostalgic Gamer for the inspiration!

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