RWBY Volume 7 Clip

Calling all Hunters and Huntresses we have a new clip from the upcoming season of RWBY. The newest season is set to hit Rooster Teeth November 2, 2019. I know, I cannot believe the wait is over either! It feels like it sneaked up on me, but I am grateful. With that said, in this clip we get to see team RWBY and team JNR working together to fight a herd of Grimm in Atlas. It feels great to see the group back together. With this new breed of Grimm, I am looking forward to seeing how the team will combat them. In the clip we get to see some action and if that is what to come for this season, I am happy with how far this show has come in terms of its animation.

Overall, looking forward to seeing what will happen in this season. Knowing we have been green lit for another two volumes, the future could not be brighter for fans of RWBY. As always, I am Benodinson and I am out for now.


Source: YouTube

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