Review: Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #9

Comics Credits
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Dan Mora
Colors: Raul Angulo
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Dan Mora
Ranger Variant Cover: Miguel Mercado
Subscription Cover: Audrey Mok. Design by Dylan Todd
Movie Variant Cover: Natacha Bustos, Design by Dylan Todd
Angel Grove Emblem by Miguel Mercado
Designer: Michelle Ankley
Assistant Editor: Michael Moccio
Associated Editor: Matthew Levine
Editor: Dafna Pleban


It’s Morphin Time, as we head back to the past with Go Go Power Rangers issue 9! I have to say I was curious as to how this would tie into the Shattered Grid event, given that this series is set in the past compared to the main series in the present. I was not sure how this issue would go, but color me surprised when everything made sense. That said we are going to talk some spoilers, but long story short go buy this issue.


Okay, so we start off on Lord Drakkon’s world and we get a small scene of some civilians running away from the Mammoth Sentries. I have to say they seem so imposing when there is a group of them chasing after people. Continuing from there we get our first look at that universe’s Kimberly un-morphed and taking these people out like it is nothing. It just goes to show readers, people need a certain strength to thrive in Drakkon’s world. One thing I did find interesting was Kim getting the civilians to safety, which I will go in more depth about in a bit.


Now, we are back to our Earth where we see Kim’s parents are separating. I honestly cannot remember if this did happen in the television series, but it works as that is something that happens to families; so again Power Rangers tackles another real issue and showing how it affects children/ teenagers in terms of being anxious and unsure of themselves. With Kim, we get to peak into her psyche a bit at the end of the issue. Where she tells Trini her parents are separating and seeing Ranger Slayer Kim was the last thing she needed to see. Getting this sort of character development where she does not want to be like her parents is perfect. It adds to children wanting to be better than their parents, as someone who was told by their own parents to strive to be better than them, I related to that scene so much.


With Ranger Slayer Kim, we see the scene from earlier saving the civilians and allowing them to escape, but we also see her being loyal to Drakkon. I am curious to see how her arc will come to an end, given that we have seen what happens with Bulk in Drakkon’s universe. Then again that is me guessing the first scene was in Drakkon’s universe since it was not clear. I just assumed given the Mammoth Sentries, so I do wonder where Ranger Slayer loyalty lies when it comes to Lord Drakkon. I mean out of the original team, she seems to have been the only one who serves him, but also is seen helping innocents get to safety.


The fight scene we have in this issue was fantastic. Dan Mora, has an eye for action but makes readers feel it as well. When Ranger Slayer Kim shows up I wanted to cheer, but I also have a sense of dread because she showcases just how advance she is compared to the current Rangers. One thing I appreciate is the line of dialogue Ranger Slayer has stating that they seem smaller and when they are all in frame readers can see that they are. Hats off to Dan Mora because he really showcases age and I feel that is hard to do, especially with characters that are the same person like Kim in this case.


The coloring done by Raul Angulo is always a pleasure to see. Raul does a great job with the color choices that are made and those really help highlight Dan Mora’s artwork. Mora’s artwork, itself is solid, but by adding Raul’s colors it feels elevated. Finally, we get some news with Jason that I do not want to spoil, but man I feel for him. Being a leader and then this news being dropped on him as well, it has me curious to see how this will effect him in the long run of things.


Overall, Go Go Power Rangers issue 9 is another great entry in the Shattered Grid event. With what is being implied on the last page of this issue I am excited to see what issue ten will hold for the Rangers. We will continue our way through the Shattered Grid event for sure!


Final grade: I give this 5 out of 5 Power Coins!

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